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"To continually exceed the expectations of my clients by actively assisting them with their real estate needs and desires. I pledge to myself and to you to always have the best interest of my clients in mind as I support you in your quest to sell your home and/or purchase a new home. I will always take the time to listen intently, to respond with diligence and to continually educate myself on market trends, technology and real estate laws & procedures in order to better service you. My clients - My priority."



Radon is a colorless, tasteless and odorless gas that causes lung cancer. Radon can build up to dangerous levels inside homes, schools and other buildings. Exposure to radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, after smoking. 
Radon gas occurs naturally. It forms when uranium breaks down to radium, which in turn breaks down to form radon. As radon decays, it releases radioactive byproducts that are inhaled and can cause lung cancer. Radon-related lung cancers are responsible for an estimated 21,000 deaths annually in the United States. 
Where Does Radon Indoors Come From?
Radon is emitted from the ground and enters a home through cracks in walls, basement floors, foundations and other openings. Because radon comes from rock and soil, it can be found anywhere. Exposure to limited concentrations, like those found outdoors, is impossible to avoid. However, when radon gets trapped indoors, it may build up to dangerous concentrations.
The most important source of radon gas indoors is the soil and rock surrounding the building. By sealing your home to keep radon from getting through cracks and openings, you can significantly reduce your home's radon levels. You may need to install a separate radon ventilation system in your home to remove high levels. 
Less frequently, radon may enter buildings from radon-contaminated drinking water used in bathroom showers and sprays, though this occurs only when the water comes from a private well. More recently, concerns have been raised about the radon released indoors from granite countertops or tiles. However, these sources are rarely a problem by themselves.
What Are the Health Effects of Radon?
Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, responsible for thousands of deaths each year. Exposure to radon causes no immediate symptoms, but the long-term threat of lung cancer is significant to everyone. People who have never smoked make up approximately 2,900 of the estimated 21,000 radon-related lung cancer deaths each year.
The health hazard comes from the radioactive particles that are emitted as radon decays. Those particles can be inhaled into the lung and bombard your cells with dangerous, cancer-causing radiation.
Smoking and radon exposure can separately increase the risk of lung cancer. But if you smoke, know that exposure to both greatly enhances the risk of lung cancer.
Who Should Be Worried about Radon?
Every home should be tested for radon. Radon has been found at elevated levels in homes in every state. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that nearly one out of every fifteen homes in the United States has unsafe indoor radon levels.3 Therefore, every home should be tested for radon.
Your home can have elevated levels of radon while your neighbor's home does not. Testing is the only way to determine if you have a problem. Radon testing is easy and inexpensive and it could save your life. Thousands of lung cancer deaths could be avoided each year if homes with elevated radon underwent changes to reduce radon pollution.
How Can Radon Be Detected?
The only way to detect a buildup of radon in your home is to test the air. Various forms of do-it-yourself test kits are simple and inexpensive.
If you prefer, hire a certified radon-testing professional. The EPA recommends taking action to reduce radon levels indoors if concentrations exceed 4 picocuries per liter of air (pCi/L). However, no safe level of exposure to radon has been determined. 
How Do Radon Tests Work?
Tests vary in how they detect radon and the amount of time required to complete sampling.
Do-it-yourself short-term tests typically take two to seven days. During this time the kit, usually no larger than a deck of cards, will sit on a shelf or some out-of-the-way location and absorb or track radon from the building. Once the testing period is complete, test containers are sealed and sent to a laboratory for analysis. Most test kits include the cost of lab analysis and an addressed envelope for submission. In a matter of weeks, you can be notified of the radon level in your home.
Long-term tests tend to be more accurate. They take at least three months and can measure long-term averages. If you don't want to wait for a long-term test, short-term tests are a good way to indicate if your home has a problem and requires follow-up testing. Two short-term tests back to back may be a good way to determine whether you need to take action.
What Can Be Done To Protect Against Radon?
If you find that your home has dangerous levels of radon, there is a solution. High levels of radon indoors can be lowered through a variety of repairs. From sealing cracks in floors and walls to changing the flow of air into the building, you can protect your family. Repairs to decrease radon levels should be made by a U.S. EPA- or state-certified contractor. Detailed information about radon reduction in your home or building can be found in EPA's Consumer's Guide to Radon Reduction
Causes of Home Moisture & Condensation Problems
Moisture problems have a variety of causes and can result in major damage to your home. It is a good idea to inspect your house regularly for any damage caused by moisture, while also keeping an eye out for warning signs of potential trouble ahead. If you notice any problems, take immediate action to fix them before they cause further damage or balloon into larger, more complicated issues.

Uncontrolled humidity can actually make your home more expensive to heat and cool, because when insulation gets damp enough, it loses its R value and its ability to insulate. This is a common problem in basements, crawl spaces, and attics.


Damp conditions in these areas also promote mold growth, which can have many nasty effects. It can actually damage the structure of your home by weakening building materials, as well as cause health problems. Additionally, damage from mold is often not covered by homeowner's insurance, making prevention all the more important.
If you can see evidence of mold in your home's living areas, then there is a good chance it has already affected structural components of your house. Investigate the extent of your mold problem as soon as possible. In fact, even if you do not see evidence of mold, if your home has high moisture or humidity levels, then it is a good idea to have a professional mold inspector assess whether you have an existing mold problem.

Damp conditions in houses are often caused by insufficient ventilation or water leaks that have not been completely cleaned up. Anytime you notice a leaky pipe or dripping faucet in your home, investigate and fix it immediately! Additionally, rain can leak into houses as the result of worn siding, flashing, or weather-stripping material. Check these materials to make sure they are watertight.

Finally, protect vulnerable areas in your home by using water leak detectors to alert you to plumbing leaks, and install either a water powered backup sump pump or battery backup sump pump in your basement to prevent flooding during power outages or heavy storms.


Condensation is another common cause of excess moisture. So, what causes condensation? In general, warmer air can hold more moisture than colder air. So, when warm air cools, the moisture in it has to go somewhere. This creates condensation - moisture is deposited on the first cold surface that the air contacts. Condensation problems can occur in the winter as well as the summer, and could have several causes. A high air humidity level could be the culprit. Keep an eye on your windows. Do you see moisture on the inside of the panes? If so, then the humidity level inside your house is too high. Take steps to reduce it.

Trapped hot air inside the home also tends to cause condensation. This could even result from a house being extremely well-insulated and properly sealed from cold air. If pockets of hot air get trapped in the house and come in contact with cold surfaces, condensation takes place. These cold surfaces could be things like exterior walls, windows, pipes, or a toilet. To guard against this, make sure your ventilation system is functioning well, and install kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans if you do not already have them.

Fix and prevent moisture problems

It is important to continuously monitor your home for signs of moisture damage. Be sure to fix problems quickly, before they develop into larger, more complex issues. Preventative steps you can take include monitoring the humidity in your home or business to prevent mold.

Source: Water Damage Defense; free to use as per Creative Commons.

Tips for New Homeowners

We know that moving into a new house can be overwhelming. There are so many DIY projects you want to start and complete. But before you settle in and start decorating your new pad, there are a few things that you need to do right away:

1. Change your locks-Everyone tells you this one, but it really is one of the most important. There is no way to tell how many people have been in and out of your now home and may have keys to it. This is an easy and cheap fix. Just call your local locksmith to come in and change all the locks.

2. Clean the house-Give your house a thorough cleaning. Once you move all your furniture in, it will be hard to reach every nook and cranny. So before you start doing that, give the house a real good cleaning!

3. Check for mold- Checking your new home for mold is very important. Mold can grow anywhere in your home. The most common places being your attic, bathroom and basement. If you find mold, you want to call experts to take care of the problem right away.

4. Make sure your air ducts are clean-Air ducts should be cleaned once every 3 years. If you are unsure when they have been cleaned last, Aspen will come out and check them for FREE. Having clean air ducts will make your air much cleaner and safer.

5. Check all your pipes-Leaky pipes can turn into a huge issue for homeowners. Water damage can develop mold and cause structural damage. Some of the most common water damage comes from broken appliances, leaky pipes, a toilet or sink overflow or storm damage. If you see water damage in your home, be sure to give us a call and we will get on the job right away.

We know the list of things you need to get done when moving is very long. These are just a few things that we suggest handling right away.

Tips for Preventing Fires in the Home

Everyone sets off a smoke alarm every now and then, but actual home fires happen more than you may realize. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there were more than 358,500 home fires per year from 2011-2015, resulting in an annual average of $6.7 billion in damage. Here's what you need to know to prevent fire in your home.

Where Fires Start
Home fires are most likely to start in the kitchen, with cooking equipment being the leading cause. Never leave a burning stove unattended, and make sure towels, curtains and other flammables aren't too close to the cooktop. Have a lid handy to help smother potential flames.

Space heaters, chimneys and fireplaces are also cause for concern. Buy heating equipment with automatic shut-offs, and keep heaters away from upholstered furniture, clothing and bedding. And be sure to have your chimney professionally cleaned and inspected every year.

Smoke Alarms
Your home should be equipped with functioning smoke alarms. The NFPA recommends having one alarm on each level of your home, inside each bedroom and outside each sleeping area. Test alarms monthly and replace batteries twice a year.

Fire Escape Plan
It's also important to have a fire escape route planned in case evacuation is necessary. Walk through each room in your home and identify two possible exits in case of fire. Be sure to set a meeting place where everyone should gather once they are safely outside.

Practice your escape plan and these safety tips regularly. Fire safety is never something you want to leave to chance.


What is Massachusetts Homestead Protection?

May 07, 2018

The Massachusetts Homestead Protection Act is a law put in place to shield Massachusetts homeowners from having creditors auction off your home to pay off unsecured debt.   The purchase of a home is likely the single biggest investment most of us will ever make.  This protection will prevent creditors from putting a lien on your home should you find yourself in financial trouble.  Should you have an accident or incur unexpected medical costs, the homestead protection will allow you to keep your home and will keep the debt collectors at bay.

What to know about what is protected and what is not protected under this act:


  • This law automatically protects up to $125,000 in home equity without having to file for protection
  • Protection up to $500,000 is available for those who apply for homestead protection
  • Property in trust can be protected under the law
  • A home that is transferred to another family member carries the protection
  • A spouse is automatically covered even if his/her name is not on the title
  • As long of they also live in your home, other owners and family members are also covered
  • Manufactured or mobile homes, even if there is no deed for the land on record, are covered

Not covered:

  • Priority debts, such as government taxes, criminal fines, child support and alimony are not protected
  • The mortgage that was used to purchase the home
  • Any lien put on the home before your filed for protection


Additional things to know about the Massachusetts Homestead Protection Act.

The homestead remains in effect if you should refinance your home.

Closing attorneys must advise borrowers of the availability of a homestead in all mortgage transactions.

The elderly and disabled are entitled to extra protection.  While every home is eligible for up to $500,000 in homestead protection if the owner files, each owner who is either disabled or 62 or older can also claim up to $500,000 for him/herself.  This allows up to a total of $1,000,000 of homestead protection if both owners are elderly (62 or older) or disabled.  This particular homestead protection ends in the event the elderly or disabled owner passes away.   In the event just one owner is elderly or disabled, the other may want to file for homestead protection.  This ensures that if the elderly or disabled owner dies first, the remaining owner is still covered.

To apply for declaration of homestead, you must go to the registry of deeds in the county where the property is located to fill out the Declaration of Homestead form.  The Book and Page number of your deed is required in order to complete the form.  Only sign the form when in the presence of a notary public to witness your signature.  Completed forms are to be returned to the Registry of Deeds clerk.  The cost of filing for homestead protection is roughly $35 depending on the county you live in.

If you are interested in having a Declaration of Homestead prepared for you and your family, click here or the image below to contact one of our specialized attorneys today.


                             I Never Take Your Business & Referrals For Granted
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Bill Rosanio was an AWESOME agent! He always answered his phone no matter what time of
day it was and was always able to answer our questions. If he didn’t know the answer he would
find out and call us back. He had a really good understanding of the local market and we’d use
him again the next time we buy a home. Also, he had people that he works with so we never had
to worry about getting a reliable lawyer or mortgage broker because he took care of that for us.
We bought our first house with him and his work is done but we still can call whenever we need
advice or just to chat. He’s not only our real estate agent anymore, he became our friend! Highly

Jessica LoGiudice and Kevin
Jessica LoGiudice and Kevin Kolloch 116 Boston Street, Middleton.

Re: Purchasing our home with Bill Rosanio:

My wife and I entered the market to purchase our first home feeling anxious about the process as it seemed like an overwhelming endeavor.  Luckily for us, we were referred to Bill Rosanio by a close friend and we can both say we feel very lucky that we were. Bill made himself available to us at anytime of the day and/or night that we needed him.  Whether we had a simple question, or needed an in depth explanation about a portion of the home-buying process, Bill took care of us all the way through. This process that we both felt was daunting and would consume so much of our time and thoughts suddenly became enjoyable when working with Bill, and once we found the home for us, Bill was there to make the process a breeze.  We would recommend that anyone who needs help with the purchase, or sale, of a home make sure they they give Bill a call if they want an easy, straightforward, and painless deal!

  • Nick and Alexiss Mercier

Nick and Alexiss Mercier- Ipswich

Thanks to Bill Rosanio,  

We sold our house!

We started selling our house in 2018 and Bill stayed loyally with us until we closed in September 2019.

Open houses at 15 Delaware Avenue featured Bill and his colleagues, every time.  

He always gave us 24 hours of notice of visits by buyers, and graciously accepted if we had to decline.

Information from each open house and visit is honest and trusted, when coming from Bill.

Bill Rosanio is persistent whether it is convenient or inconvenient.

Bill loved to talk when he stopped by for signatures or to drop off documents.

He is an avid and knowledgeable vintage rock fan!

He always knew that there was a buyer for our house, who was out there waiting to be found.

And he did it.

When an offer specified fixes, Bill personally found an agent to provide the necessary services and was at the house when the work was done.

At our closing, Bill was there making sure everything was complete and correct.

And then he took us to lunch.

Thank you again Bill, 

From Lou & Laura Goodreau

Lou & Laura- 15 Delaware, Danvers

Christina Fiore

Mon, Oct 22, 9:47 AM
to me
Hi Bill.

So sorry.  I totally forgot to write this up.  

A friend referred Bill Rosanio to my husband and I.  From the moment I met him, I knew he would be a great fit in helping us sell our home.  We were moving out of state and needed all the help we could get.  Bill is the type of agent who was there every step of the way.  He was able to answer every question we had and even filled us in on the stuff we didn't know about (this was the first house we sold).  He went out of the way to help us.  If we were out of town, he would step in and take care of things that needed to be overseen.  My husband and I were extremely pleased with is work and the hand holding he had to do!  I hope I get the chance to refer him, as well as work with him again in the future!
Christina amd Marc 44 Mohawk St. Tewksbury.

May 4, 2018


To Whom it May Concern,

My husband and I decided to sell our house last February.  We called Bill Rosanio, Tony’s cousin, to help us with the process.  I have to say it is the best decision we ever made.

He came to our house on a Friday.    We put the house on the market on Monday and it was sold on Thursday.   Bill was amazing on showing the house and keeping us updated at all times on what was coming next.

The sale of the house went so smooth  with no complications.  Thanks to Bill.

Because of the quick sale of the house, my husband and I were worried on finding a new house in New Hampshire.  Even though Bill is not licensed in New Hampshire he was instrumental in helping us find a house and guiding us through process.  We have successfully moved in to our new home with the help of Bill Rosanio.

We were extremely pleased with Bill and would recommend him highly to anyone who is thinking of selling their house or is looking to buy a home.


Thanks to Bill Rosanio, we are in our new home and extremely happy.




Tricia and Tony Rosanio

Trica and Tony Rosanio 11 Dottie Lane, Methuen Mass 01844

My name is Katheline MacDonald  Bill worked with me to help me get an apartment well let me tell you me and Bill have been through Hell and back the past 4 months do to no fault of his own. He stuck with me through all my phone calls and hissy fits and some landlords who were difficult to deal with. I couldn't have gotten through this without him. Not only have i gained a realtor but also a friend   thank you Bill

Katheline MacDonald 34 Shool Street, Danvers.

I wanted to take a minute and just share how amazing our experience with Bill Rosanio was.

 Well selling a home and finding a new home can be a stressfull but exciting process ,Bill made it an enjoyable experience. Bill was there  for us every step of the way helping reasure us when we got anxious .He help us get the best price for the home we where  selling and helped get us into our Dream house!
Bill was made himself available and was always happy to help with anything we needed,truley an amaizing realtor ! I would recomend Bill to all my friends and family !

Warmest Regards
Joe & Devin Buckley

Joe & Devin Buckley 44 Cherry Street Swampscott.

The house hunting process is definitely a stressful and time consuming one. As I made the decision to hire a real estate agent, I was looking for someone knowledgeable, familiar with my areas of interest and strong follow through.  As I started working with Bill Rosanio, I couldn’t be more satisfied with his pro- activeness, and follow through. Simply superb!  He had timelines in place for every milestone and worked his way to achieve them throughout the process. Thank you Bill!

Noel R. Veras

Noel R. Veras - 11 Federal Street, Haverhill, MA 01832

Dear Bill,

I want to take a moment to THANK YOU for helping my family sell our home recently. We've had the pleasure to work with you on several properties through the years, representing us as both a buyer and a seller. Your knowledge, experience and understanding of the current real estate market has helped us achieve our desired price and within our time frame. Your professionalism in working with all interested parties and proactive approach in anticipating what's required enabled our transactions to close smoothly and on time. You've always taken the time to understand our needs and concerns and placed our interests first. I've worked with many professionals in various capacities and absolutely consider you an expert and highly recommend you to my friends and family. You genuinely enjoy getting to know your clients and most importantly, helping them! My family sincerely appreciates all of your efforts and are grateful to have you as our agent and friend. We wish you the best and continued success!

Kind regards,
Hoa Le & The Le Family

Hoa Le - 206 Boxford Street, Lawrence, MA 10843

The house hunting process is definitely a stressful and time consuming one. As I made the decision to hire a real estate agent, I was looking for someone knowledgeable, familiar with my areas of interest and strong follow through.  As I started working with Bill Rosanio, I couldn’t be more satisfied with his pro- activeness, and follow through. Simply superb!  He had timelines in place for every milestone and worked his way to achieve them throughout the process. Thank you Bill!


Hossany Cepeda - 102 Jefferson Street, Lynn, MA 01902


Thank you so much for helping our family on the purchase of our first  house. We are beyond excited and extremely happy to raise our little man in our own home. I already knew you from my previous place of work as a friend but never had the opportunity to have you work on my familys behalf.

You were a great professional, very knowledgeable about todays market and readily available at all the times, always there to answer our late night phone calls and the voice of reason, everything you predicted came true.

Thank you for all your efforts, for being so patient throughout the entire process and to jump through hoops to help us find the right property. We highly recommend you to anyone selling or purchasing a home and cant wait to have you guys over for our first barbecue.

Jen Calabro

Jen & Rob Calabro - 173 Topsfield Road, Wenham

We used Bill Rosanio to sell our home in Winthrop and he was outstanding. Before choosing a real estate agent, I’m a naturally skeptical person, especially when selling the home that I personally renovated. When I researched Bill, I could see he put a lot of work into each and every one of his listings. Bill was the best investment we could have made to sell the property because he put in the time and gave that extra effort you don’t see these days.

We spoke with Bill and then sat down with him at our home. He spent hours answering our questions, acknowledged our concerns,  and providing objective data regarding how long listings typically stay on the market. We were concerned that our house would be tough to sell. Bill made the process incredibly easy and as stress free as possible. He conducted weekly and often twice a week open houses, he did the research on the surrounding comparable homes in our community and worked to honor our personal preferences, which was not always an easy task. Bill handled the volume of questions and requests, from other agents and potential buyers, some off the wall requests were stopped in their tracks before we even became aware of them.

His hard work and knowledge of what it takes to sell a home really paid off and when we saw our listing we were blown away. A buyer that saw the listing and then our home several times put in an offer after Bill had cultivated a relationship with both the buyer and his agent. Our house went under contract days after the initial offer and Bill negotiated with them to get us our asking price. We accepted the offer, Bill then walked us through every step of the closing process. The closing even took place 2 weeks earlier and this was a big relief to us. Most of all, I appreciated that Bill was working to get me and my wife the best possible price. He was quite responsive and patient with talking us through the mountain of paperwork.

I've recommended the Bill Rosanio to anyone looking to sell or purchase a home. He's a true professional and a genuinely nice guy. I realize it is stressful and many unexpected things can happen when you sell your home, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better Realtor.

 Rich Boyajian NP

Rich and Pauline Boyajian, 15 Jefferson Street, Winthrop MA 02152

Bill Rosanio made the process of purchasing a home very easy. Right from the start, it was clear that Bill was very knowledgeable of the market and what options would work best for our specific situation.  He has a fantastic personality which always kept us smiling and laughing throughout the process. 

He has a great team that we used, from lender to lawyer and each of his associates were friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. He spoke to us as a friend, not as a business exchange, and we are happy to say that we did truly gain a friend in this process.  We would highly recommend Bill Rosanio if you are looking for your next place to call home.


Eric and Kim Payne

Eric and Kim Payne 500 Colonial Dr. Ipswich, Ma

Just want to give a review on the best realtor ever… Bill Rosanio. Not only did he help us buy our investment property with ease, he rented one of the apartments for us in a professional and expedient manner. No income loss with the transition from one renter to the next….highly recommended!

Paula Glavin

Paula Glavin 8 Mill Road, Chelmsford

Hi Bill! Thanks to you, my son and I are really enjoying our new home.  As you know, we were going through a very difficult time in our lives.  You were just so understanding and with me every step of the way.  Your friendliness made me feel so comfortable, that I knew I could count on you.  Please continue doing what you do so well.  Much success to you Bill from Carla & Brendan in Methuen. Thank you!

Carla Christie 3 Park Ave unit Methuen.
I recently purchased a single family home in Peabody for the purpose of being a rental property.  A Friend of mine suggested I use a Rental Agent and referred me to Bill.  Right from the beginning he educates you on the market and what to expect. He is there from the start of the process until the very end.  You'll get nothing but 110% effort from Bill as He responds and answers to every email or phone call.  He gets things done!

If you want a professional, honest, hard working Realtor Bill is the only choice!

Kimberly A. Tucker
Real Estate Investor/Landlord
Kim Tucker 76 Fairview Ave Peabody, Mass
Good morning,

I'm not certain that you received the recognition that you deserved pulling that Beach Road transaction together.  Bravo!  Despite the fact that your office is in Burlington, your management of a Revere transaction was such a stellar performance that I plan to refer things to you.  Are you equal partners at Exit?   What would be the appropriate action for me to take - you both did a great job.   Kindly advise.  Thank you.

Best regards,


Joseph V. Ananian
Elder Law Center
One Essex Street
Saugus, MA 01906D 
Attorney Joe Ananian 21 Beach Rd, Revere

In November 2015, my husband and I found out that our home in Lynn, MA had skyrocketed in value and decided on a whim to sell. We contacted Bill Rosanio from Exit reality (who had assisted us in buying the home in 2013) and within a day, he was at our house with comps of the area and provided great information as far as how much to place our home on the market for. We decided to list on December 1 and Bill made sure our listing was shown on all of the major NMLS sites by noon that day. He also assisted me with an appointment app for my iPhone which allowed me to view any buyers that may be interested in the property and book appointments with their agent. This made it so convenient to book appointments since it’s not always easy to speak on the phone. After just 3 days of being on the market, we had received a great offer and decided to accept! Bill promptly visited us at home that night so we could sign the agreement and keep the ball rolling. Although there were a few hiccups regarding the buyers during the process, Bill stayed confident during the process of the sale and by the end of January 2016, we passed papers! The process could have been very scary but with Bill by our side to reassure us, the process was a piece of cake! He will be the first one we call once we are ready to buy again later this year!

Candice and Patrick Brady 209 Broadway, Lynn

 Bill Rosanio and John Chesna represented me with unquestionable dedication and commitment. Through their efforts, I received an offer one day after the first potential buyer looked at my house. The offer equaled my asking price and was closed expeditiously taking into account the buyer obtaining financing. John and Bill emphasized in our first meeting that they ensured buyers and their financing representatives were legitimate, which was very important. Also, they emphasized listing exposure. In addition, they went above and beyond what I have experienced with real estate agents; Bill took it upon himself to take care of the final water bill. Also, John met with the fire inspector to check the fire and carbon monoxide detectors. They are courteous, professional and thorough. I highly recommend them! MG

Mark B. Garibotto 727 Highland Ave Malden 02148
Hi Bill,

I wanted to thank you for your dedication and professionalism in selling my home.  You often hear a short sale can be time consuming and complicated.  Your commitment to me to sell my home went above and beyond what a client expects. When I relocated out of state, you generously made yourself available when needed to go to my home in my place.  I remember when you arrived at my home on Christmas morning with your lovely wife to install your sale sign.     From that day forward until my home sold, you always made yourself available to me day or night.  

Thanks again Bill,
Paula Dornfeld
Paula Moyal 29 Brookdale Rd. Natick 01760
After listing my home with another agent for over 300 days I decided to call  Bill after my contract expired. Right off the start I knew he was the one to hire after interviewing three other agents. Bill and his partner John are a duo that you will feel instant comfort with. There was no typical sales pitch just plenty of real estate information to make an educated decision on. I was really surprised when they told me if I was dissatisfied at anytime I could tear up the listing agreement and search for another Realtor. They are extremely knowledgeable about the listing process of real estate, the purchasing side of real estate as well as knowing about the structure of a home along with the mechanical side of a house. They provided us with a great deal of advice (which was very beneficial to the selling of the house) regarding the staging of our home and where to spend a few dollars and where not to. They were always available when we had a question - and we had dozens of them! Every time I sent Bill a question via text/e-mail during the later hours he answered me within 5 minutes...I am amazed by their professionalism and cannot thank Bill and John enough. Our house was sold within 9 days after signing the contract! What a difference! You will NOT find better people to sell your home. I am so happy that I called and will recommend John & Bill to every person I know.

Thank you so much guys! You are the best!
Joe  O. - Revere, MA

525 Mountian Ave Rever, Mass

This was our second time using Bill Rosanio to find tenants for our condo. The first go around Bill was absolutely amazing. He showed our place dozens of times and even when people stood him up, he maintained a positive attitude. This time around, he was just as diligent. He always answered the phone when we needed him, he was always on time for meetings, just something you don’t see too often these days. My wife and I strongly recommend Bill for any venture you chose. As long as Bill is in Real Estate, he will always be our agent and more importantly our friend.

Eric McBride

Sales Engineering Manager

Rochale & Eric McBride 3 Park Ave Methuen
Dear Bill,

Thank you does not adequately express my family's appreciation for all you have done for us.

When I emailed you regarding the sale of my Mom's home on a Saturday evening I was pleasantly surprised to receive your call only hours later.  This was the first of many examples of how you over deliver!

My 79 year old mother's circumstance surrounding the sale of her home was an extremely stressful one.  You and your team turned this around immediately.  Not only did you work so hard for my mother, but your kindness towards her meant the world to all of us.  You are a special person, Bill.  When you would meet with my Mom to review documents regarding the sale, you always turned it into a visit...sharing stories and making her laugh.  Her confidence in you also made her feel secure.

We are all still amazed that the house sold so quickly.  Your effort, professionalism, work ethic, honesty, and knowledge of  the real estate market was truly the reason.

I cannot tell enough people about you.  You are the best!

On behalf of my mother, Patricia Burke, and my brother, Jack Burke, I once again would like to thank you for everything.  We could not have done this without you.

Kathy Burke

31 Seaview Ave, Malden MA - Kathy Burke
 It is with pleasure that I write this letter in regards to my experience with Bill Rosanio and John Chesna and the sale of my mother’s home.  My mother passed away in November and my sister and I were left dealing with not only the loss of our mother, but with absolutely no idea about how to handle the sale of her home. 

John and Bill met us at her home, did a walk through and gave us expert advice from day one.  They was honest and knowledgeable and without this, I am positive it would not have gone as smoothly as it did.  They truly understood how difficult of a process it was going to be to sell the house that we grew up in, and graciously listened to our childhood stories.

My sister and I can’t thank John and Bill enough for their professionalism,expertise and hard work in the handling of the home.  John and Bill were  amazingly responsive to us.  They showed such dedication to us, even going by the home and bringing in the mail so that the house didn’t look unoccupied.  During such a difficult time, it was a relief knowing we had John and Bill as ourrealtors and how with his involvement and guidance, it was essentially seamless, from the initial listing to the closing.  They focused on putting our best interestforward with those who made offers on the property and closed a deal at a rate that was actually higher than the listed price.  

The service we received from John and Bill was exceptional!  We could not have asked for better realtors.

Thank You,

Jean Joyal and Nancy Shamaly

May 4, 2015

Jean Joyal and Nancy Shamaly - 1020 Winthrop Ave. Revere

Bill and John, I just want to let you know that I found the experience of buying the property in Revere from you to be very professional. I'm a seasoned real estate investor for 20 years, and I meet very few realtors that I would consider recommending to others. I'd like you to know that I would recommend both of you to any buyer or seller without any hesitation.
Thank you very much for the help and look forward to doing business with both of you in the future.
Mike F. 1020 Winthrop Avenue, Revere
..............My wife and I recently purchased our first income property. We spent the better part of a year trying to do it on our own with less than favorable results...Then we found and made an appointment with Bill Rosanio. With in three months after that first meeting we where receiving and depositing rent checks from the 2 family home we found and purchased thanks to Bill and his team of real estate professionals...Professional & knowledgeable as he is Personable, Bill will be with you every step of the way and then some to help you achieve your goal..He was there for us and We are 100% certain he'll be there for you.....Good Luck, Eddy & Paula Glavin
Eddy & Paula Glavin
Dear Bill,

I just want to take a minute to say THANK YOU!!!! You were great to work with from start to end. I know I was a pain ... asking you to get us to see all the different listings, all at weird times and you never once said you couldn't. You never missed a beat once we found the one and I still cant believe we were able to close in such a short time. You went above and beyond and made me feel like I had a personal friend watching out for me in this whole process. We will be telling all our family and friends to go see you. Again thank you for all you have done....Have a great holiday season. 
P.S Don't forget we will be calling you for the pool party...and a few tips on how to keep it clear.  
Cathy Cucchiello
Cathy & Mike Cucchiello 30 Piedmont St.
To Whom it May Concern,
There really is not enough that I could say about Bill Rosanio!!  My wife and I were a bit trepidatious about making that plunge as a first time landlord, especially in our area.  Bill however made the process virtually painless and was patient enough to explain everything that was happening as the process went along.  He returned all our calls in an expedited manor.  He always had our best interest at the forefront of the entire renting process.  Without Bill's hard work, dedication and support, we would still be looking for a tenant.  Both my wife and I would highly recommend Bill's services to anyone looking to rent or buy a property.
Eric and Rachelle McBride
Rachelle and Eric McBride 3 Park Ave, Unit 3 Methuen Mass 5/1/14
My husband and I were fortunate to have Bill Rosanio recommended to us by a friend who had worked with him in the past. Bill stood by us even when bad luck seemed to plague our home buying search causing several deals to fall through. Even with all of this happening, he still answered every call and question that we had and found us the perfect home to raise our family in. He was very personable and always made us weigh the pros and cons when looking at each property but never made us feel pressured during the process. We are extremely grateful for all of his hard work and determination when it came to looking for our home and are proud to say that we felt like he treated us more as family rather than clients. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. They surely will not be disappointed.
Patrick & Candice Brady 209 Broadway, Lynn
Dear Bill,
As usual, this transaction was painless.  This is my third deal with you as well as attorney Jim Burke.  We met at the registry in Plymouth and everything went smooth.  Thanks for all your help.
Dan Armstrong 1421 Main St. Brockton
Bill was very thorough in his dogged pursuit of finding myself and my husband our future home. Everything went so smoothly and moved so efficiently that the process could not have been easier.
Carolyne & Ryan Atlas 122 Main St. Unit 302 Stoneham

For many weeks you were by our side working diligently around the clock in order to help us find a home that truly fit our needs. What you did for us was greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten. Your level of professionalism, trust and communication is flawless Bill, as is your warmth and compassion. You genuinely want to help people, and it goes way over and above your call of duty.

Without your advise, guidance and patience throughout, the whole process could have been extremely stressful, and you alleviated all of that for us.

We are grateful to your family for the introduction and feel we have come to know you well enough now that we would be honored to call you our friend.

We wish you nothing but happiness and success in your life and we will strongly recommend you to anyone who requires a 1st Class Realtor."

Xo Joie too!!!,

Hope to see you and Lisa soon.

Michelle Lally 75 Maplewood Rd. Lynn Ma
 As a first time home-buyer I am thankful I was able to work with Bill Rosanio. Bill was able to answer my many questions and aid me through the process of buying a home. Bill was always on time and able to work with my schedule so that I could view a home at my convenience as well as meet with me when I made my purchase. Bill was kind enough to show me around the town I bought my home in, and a town I was unfamiliar with. I look forward to working with Bill again whether it be to purchase a second home or sell my current home”    Thanks Michaela
Michaela L Nocco - Berry 27 Bowditch St. Peabody Mass
"I couldn't have been happier with my experience of working with Bill. Selling my condo had some unique circumstances attached to it, but Bill was able to navigate through everything with his hard work and expertise. I had nothing to worry about during the sale process, Bill proactively worked to make sure that small issues never became large ones, and his communication with me was always first rate. For anybody looking for a hard working agent who will help you during what can be a stressful time, I highly recommend working with Bill Rosanio."
Erik Olson 190 Chickering Road Unit 108 D North Andover
We had an excellent experience dealing with Exit Realty and Bill Rosanio as our agent in selling our 2 family home in Peabody, MA. He was very personable, pleasant and responsive to our needs especially dealing with road blocks along the way.

Thru the entire process, Bill was diligent and guided us right up until closing. He has a more relaxed style, not pushy, so I would say he fits well with both selling and buying a home. Bill was also very professional and reliable dealing with the offer and closing process and he communicated very well throughout the whole process.

Because we were so impressed with Bill’s work ethics, I recommending him to my best friend who is now in the process of purchasing a home that Bill has showed him. Bill will also be helping us find our dream home in the Spring of 2013. Sincerely Robert and Amanda Capone
Robert and Amanda Capone- 118 Lynnfield Street Peabody
Dear Bill, 10/14/12

Thanks very much for all of your assistance in the listing, closing, and sale, of my condo on Playstead Road in Newton. I realized that Newton isn't usually your territory, but having worked with you before I knew you were the best agent for the job, and sure enough the property was listed and closed in just a few short months. I would recommend you to anyone who is selling their property anywahere in the greater Boston area, or in Newton, as the best person to give a seller a

(1) realistic listing value
(2) maximimum property exposure to potential buyers and
(3) The higest, most professional level of pre closing services, and attention to detail of any agent available in Massachusetts.


Dan Armstrong
Braintree, MA
Dan Armstrong 33 Playstead Road Newton Mass

Bill Rosanio of Exit Realty rented my condo within two weeks.  He is an extremely knowlegeable realtor anyone would be lucky to have on their side while trying to get thru the process of finding suitable, reliable, tenants.  He took care of everything for me and told me exactly what to do to get my place rented asap.  He was a pleasure to work with.  He always kept me updated with phone calls and his "feedback from showings" website was a very helpful tool.


Bill Rosanio is an asset everyone trying to sell or rent their properties needs. 


Jim and Laurie Cabral

Laurie & Jim Cabral 43 Lora Street, Malden Mass 02148

I recently purchased a condo in Peabody from Bill Rosanio.  It was an absolute pleasure working with Bill.  His knowledge about the entire process of purchasing real estate was impressive.  He explained every document with extreme detail so that I understood every step of the way.  His pleasant demeanor and his comfortable personality made me feel like I’ve known him for years.  He was right alongside me all the way to the closing.  I would recommend Bill Rosanio to anyone who is looking to buy or sell real estate – he is the best!


Helen M. Janielis

Helen M. Janielis 75 Walnut Street Uint 315 Peabody.

I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did in helping me find what I hope to be the perfect tenant, in such a timely manner. As I had told you when we began this process, I was more concerned about finding the ideal tenant, and less concerned about the time it took to find that individual. You exceeded my expectations and were able to find what I believe to be a perfect candidate withina day or two of us listing the property. You were very professional. I thought the pictures you posted on the website were great. You did everything you had promised you would do, including the background check, asking the proper questions and keeping me informed and up to date. I felt as though you were trustworthy and that you were looking out for my best interest. I can’t thank you enough. I would highly recommend you to friends and family in the future and would have nothing but kind words to say about you. I can’t thank you enough. You made this process as painless as possible. Thanks again!


Jill Olson 30 Franklin St. Malden 02149
When I first hired Bill I was expecting him to find a tenant for my condo in about 2 months. Instead it was less than 2 weeks. He worked quickly and efficiently. With a pleasant personality he always made sure I was comfortable in the renting process. I am very pleased with his professionalism and will be referring and using him in the future.
Christine K. Keefe 36 Village Road Unit 412 Middleton
Bill Rosanio was referred to us by my cousins son who just purchased a new home in West Peabody from Bill. From the first moment that I spoke to Bill I knew that I had made the right choice in calling him to work with us. This was going to be our first time buying a house. He sensed right from the start that we were very nervous.
Bill started sending us his MLS web listings that very day. I then got started calling him on some of the homes that  interested us and he was very supportive with anything that we wanted to see.  Bill didn't try to influence us in anyway knowing that we  were not sure of just what we were looking for. He arranged for us to view the homes that we called him on.  Finally,  we found the right one. Bill also helped with the financing the Lawyer and stayed in touch with us until we passed papers
(which he was there for.)  Also, he found us a  contractor to arrange to do the work that we are interested in doing.
Thank you so very much
Jean & Jerry Sasso 16 Monson Drive Peabody
 Bill was a pleasure to work with when finding our new apartment. He was very friendly and knew his business. He went above and beyond making sure we were happy with what we were looking for. Highly recommend. Thank you. Tim - Revere, MA
Tim Allard 29 North Street, Revere MA
 Bill was recommended to me by a neighbor.  He was very easy to work with.  I found him to
 be very efficient, thorough and very professional.
I would highly recommend him.
Catherine Terrazano
p.s.  Thank you  Bill
Catherine Terrazano 29 North St. Revere
We have had the great pleasure of working with Bill Rosanio for several months.  When we initially met Bill, he was in the process of selling our parents’ home.  We honestly weren’t sure how long we wanted to remain in our house.  Bill came in, sat down and asked us what we were hoping to accomplish and within what time frame.  He laid out options, but never pushed us.  Bill impressed us on so very many levels; he gave us direct feedback and suggestions for upgrades and modifications which would make our house appealing to perspective buyers, always being respectful of us and our choices.  Bill explained the process of selling our house; he found us a fantastic stager who took our furnishings and transformed each and every room.  He works with a terrific team who, in their own right, worked just as hard as he did.  Bill really respects the fact that as sellers, there are so very many emotions associated with actually preparing to sell a home.  He truly listens to his customers—in our case, we had to take into consideration the needs of ourselves and those of our two college-aged children.
To say that Bill was incredibly proactive throughout our entire experience is a gross understatement—from preparing the house for sale, to listing it, negotiating the offer, right through to closing.  He fielded numerous calls from us; he was always available, always willing to help clarify or hand-hold if that’s what it took.  Clearly, Bill knows his business and knows it well.
One of the nicest and most unexpected outcomes of working with Bill is that at some point, he stopped being our realtor and actually became our friend! 
Scott & Ellen Dornfeld
Scott and Ellen Dornfeld 6 Cherry Tree Lane Grove Ma.

To whom it may concern,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Bill Rosanio in his role of Real Estate Agent.  My wife an I are senior citizens.  We knew very little about selling a house, as we had lived in our home for almost 50 years.

We met Bill for the first time in June. He suggested that we put the house on the market in July.  My initial reaction was "no way, too many things to get ready."  Bill outlined a plan to follow.  He supported us every step of the way.  He made arrangements for the contractors to make the repairs, we agreed upon.  He also supervised their work.  Bill was always available to talk with us, in person or on the phone.  His help extended even to the point of helping us take out the rubbish.  When we discovered that we needed new smoke detectors, he picked them up and he installed them.

To our great surprise, by July, the house went on the market. In 24 hours we had 2 offers.  With Bills help we were able to make some tough decisions about which offer to select and why.  He was there when the buyer went through the house with a technical expert.  He appraised us what repairs required.  We always felt he was acting fairly and in our best interest.

In August the house was sold. Even after passing papers, Bill has remained in contact and has helped us with some needed minor details. 

In summary, without his kind helping hand holding, his expertise and knowledge of what needs to be done to sell a house and how to do it; I do not believe we could have accomplished what we did so quickly.  It is without reservation that we have and will continue to recommend him as an agent to anyone wishing to sell or buy Real Estate.

Bobbi and David Colten

Bobbi and David Colten - 11 Eisenhower Street, Peabody

Bill Rosanio is the kind of realtor you only run into once in your lifetime. I have sold 4 houses in my lifetime, and this is the first time I have ever run into someone like Bill.  Bill works so hard to prepare your house for sale that he makes it easy.  First he assesses the desirability of the house and makes recommendations as to how to increase the house appeal.  He brings in at least 2 handymen and gets a minimum of 2 quotes for the necessary work.  Then he reviews the list and recommends which items are not worth doing.  He will then negotiate with the chosen handyman for a better price.  He will bring in a stager and a professional photographer to get the best photos for the listing sheet if that is the way you choose to go.

Bill holds you hand every step of the way. If there is a problem, he is right there with potential solutions.  For example, I had radon that exceeded the allowable limit. Instead of telling me that there was a problem and waiting for me to solve it, he said that I had a radon reading over the limit, and he had already contacted 2 contractors who are in the business of mitigating the problem, and recommended the one who he had a good experience with.  He made it easy!!!!

I sold my house to the first buyer who saw it, in the first week on the market. I recommended Bill to my friend, who also sold her house fairly quickly.  I wish I could import Bill to Florida where I now reside to help me with my house purchase.  I have not discovered anyone like Bill here in my area in Florida.

Gerry Dornfeld

Jerry & Marilyn Dornfeld- 27 Hampshire Rd, Peaody
"Bill Rosanio came recommended to me by the mortgage officer I went to for pre-approval.  My wife and I just closed on our first house through Bill, and we satisfied with his service from day one.  Bill paid attention what we were looking for in a home, and kept those needs in mind when showing us properties and giving us counsel.  We really felt that we were getting the attention of clients that mattered.  As a first-time home buyer, the home buying process was unfamiliar and a little tricky at times. 
To be completely honest, not everything went smoothly; but Bill was right on top of anything that came up.  I wish I could say the same for some of the sellers’ agents we dealt with, but it only throws into contrast how much more professional Bill is than many of his peers.  On one home my wife and I came close to buying, AND on the home we ended up buying with Bill’s help, the brokers didn’t show up for either the initial showing, or the actual inspection.  And the agent for the second house, when he did show up, was consistently late—even to the closing table!  Problems arose with inspection, title, etc. and these were things that we needed to reach the other agents for immediately.  Do you think we could ever get them on the phone when we needed to? 
Bill was on the ball the entire way.  He always showed up early or on time, he was always prepared, and never left us hanging in the air for a moment.  The difference in the level of professionalism we witnessed in this experience was astronomical, and we are certainly glad we went through Bill, rather than have the misfortune of hiring realtors like those we met.  One other thing I feel is very worth mentioning is Bill’s level of experience, and just how much it made a difference in our situation.  Bill has years of realty under his belt over which he has formed a network of contacts at his disposal, and knew the right person for the job on everything from mortgage, legal assistance, home inspection, insurance, to licensed and certified tradesmen for home improvement tasks.  This came as an immense help, since they were able to work together efficiently.  The level of competence and professionalism in his network made the daunting process so much easier, and Bill always made sure we were being taken care of. 
Despite being first time homebuyers, we had our hands held through the process and we were always made well aware of what we had to do so we’d be ready to move forward on schedule.  It took us a few exhausting months to find our first home.  Now, we have accomplished that and we have Bill to thank for helping us get there."

William C. Zolla

Will Zolla 22 Marlborough St, Chelsea
Dear Bill:
I can’t thank you enough for all the help you have given me in finding and purchasing a terrific Investment property in Fields Corner, Dorchester. I think we worked together for almost two years, and we bid on several houses and or condominiums in the process. The house in Fields Corner, is in perfect condition and was filled with five tenants only 48 hours after the closing this past Friday. You have helped me a lot in terms of identifying good potential investment properties and focusing on strategies that enabled me to compete with others in the acquisition of an investment property in a very hot distressed property market.
I do not know of any other broker in Massachusetts who would have trooped through all of the old houses with me like you did over the past two years. Your persistence and patience has enabled me to buy a terrific, 100% newly refurbished five bedroom home, within only a fifteen minute T ride to the financial district of Boston. Thanks again for all of your help, and I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Dan Armstrong
Braintree, MA
Dan Armstrong 19 Leroy Street Dorchester
"Bill made it effortless to find a reasonable priced apartment for me. As a student who was clueless on what to do to get an apartment,
Bill truly showed me the ropes with a constant smile on his face. He's friendly and funny. Bill Rosanio is the man to go to." Cris Whitcomb
Cris Whitcomb - 1480 Commonwealth Ave


I recently found myself in a very difficult situation.  My landlord had passed away and one day without warning I got an eviction notice in the mail giving me 30 days to vacate.  It's very trying to find a new place and move all of your belongings in 30 days but that was the task.  I decided I was through with renting and sought a realtor that could handle my house needs and time crunch. Though a friend I was put in contact with Bill Rosanio of Exit Premier Realty of Burlinton Ma.  40 days later and with realtively low stress levels I closed on a house that was not only affordable, I absolutely love it.  Bill was tireless and acted not only as a realtor but a friend.  Tim Sutherland

Tim Sutherland 5 Ashland St. Lynn 01905

I have nothing but good things to say about Bill Rosanio with Exit Premier Real Estate. As a current and so to be former landlord myself due to subprime loans on my properties that are due to recast to an unaffordable mortgage payments and facing bankruptcy, I was forced to move my family and to rent something that wouldn’t make a stressful situation worse. Bill did a great job getting approval from the landlord. Obviously, I needed a break and he chose to look at our positive attributes, presenting them to our now new landlord. I also witness how he provided a great service to the home owner fixing a plumbing problem in my new home quickly and efficiently. I wanted to downsize moving further from Boston looking for less expensive rents. Bill matched me with a house not an apartment that was within my income and at market rates yet lower than the area I was coming from. Thank you for your great service, and I also like to thank my new landlord for going with Bill’s experience and professional opinion.
Nancy & Ed Falter
4  Chadwick St
Billerica, Ma 01862

Nancy & Ed Falter 4 Chadwick Street Billerica Ma
My family had to move because of my husband's job in the military. I never planned on being a landlord, but with the current housing market our only choice was to rent out our home. At the time I had my hands full with my two young children, planning a long-distance move, and having my husband away on a nine-month deployment. The last thing I wanted to worry about was tenants and leases and showings. I will be forever grateful to the person that recommended Bill to me. He took care of everything. We had tenants within one week of listing of the house! Bill has been a pleasure to work with and is always courteous and responds quickly to my many questions. Since we were moving out of state, I was THRILLED to learn that Bill also does property management. It was such a relief to know that I was leaving my home in the hands of someone that I could trust. Bill was put to the test just two days into our tenant's lease when our basement unexpectedly flooded. He was literally at our house and resolving the problem within an hour, giving me and our tenant tremendous peace-of-mind. I really can't say enough nice things about Bill. He's down-to-earth and friendly, and he responds to every issue--be it a simple question or a problem at our house--promptly and effectively. I can't thank him enough for the peace-of-mind that he has given me.
Ashely Spinelli 4 Chadwick Billercia


We first met Bill and Greg from Exit Premier at one of their listings. That particular home was not for us but were asked about our price range and what we were looking for.


We were told that we would be kept in mind. They all say that. But Bill and Greg did keep us in mind and showed us a few more homes that weren't quite right. Then one day, we received a call about a house that was about to come on the market, and it met all our requirements. We saw the house the day it hit the market and loved it. We made an offer and eventually made a deal.


With Bill and Greg's insight, we got the house we always wanted within our budget.

When it came time to sell our old house, Bill and Greg, handled negotiations and all the running around and made a very tedious process as painless as possible.


We now live in our dream house and owe much of our good fortune to Bill Rosanio,

Greg Tully and the Exit Premier team.



                                                                                          Colleen and Jim Walsh

Colleen and Jim Walsh - Wakefield

Dear Bill,


I cannot thank you enough for helping me purchase my first home.  Your knowledge and experience were very helpful during this stressful but rewarding time.  The way in which you guided me through the process, never letting me forget anything and always putting my best interests first was awesome. I couldn’t have asked for a better agent to help me through my first purchase. 


Your availability and accessibility were paramount and it made me much more comfortable knowing that you were working with me.  After all is said and done, I am just a pleased with my purchase as I was when we first looked at it, if not more.  Again, I cannot thank you enough for the efforts you put forth during this process and I hope to work with you during any future purchase I may have.


Nick Couris

30 Newcastle Dr.


Nick Couris - 30 Newcastle


I want to thank you for the faith you place in me each time you refer a valued client.  Your partnership was key during my 2010 2nd quarter results.

I am proud to say that my total closed loans used to purchase new homes was in excess of $7Million during the quarter just ended.  This placed me as one of the top three MetLife Mortgage Consultants in the New York/New England Region for purchase loan volume closed during this period.  This type of recognition for my hard work means more to me than you can imagine.  I hope this pride shows with every contact I have with a mutual client.

I look forward to building our partnership over the coming years.  

With Regards,

Brian G. Mahoney
Mortgage Consultant
MetLife Home Loans
P: 978-767-2986
C: 978-479-1571
F: 978-750-0800
[email protected]

Brian Mahoney, Danvers Mass


Thank you graciously for managing the renting and final sale of our home. The process was made painless because of the round the clock efforts that you put forth. Within just days of listing our home, you established prospective leads and secured contracts with dependable renters. This was a financial godsend since we transferred out of state and were maintaining another home. Also, since our work limited our availability to visit the property, your assistance with finding professional cleaners, a landscaper, and even a handyman for some general repairs after winter storm damage occurred were crucial to maintaining our home while being so far away.

When we finally decided to sell our home, we had no doubt that you could get the job done even in this competitive market. Your pricing recommendations, marketing skills, and outgoing personality were sure factors in the successful contract negotiations. Thank you for being extremely attentive to our needs, working hand in hand with all parties that were involved, and ensuring that our home was well-kept in our absence.  You helped alleviate all of the problems that would normally come with long distance business. We have and will continue to highly recommend your services to anyone that needs to rent, sell, or buy a home. Your honesty, hard work, and dedication to us as clients are unmatched. Thank you for making us feel that the home that we loved so much and were so sad to have to let go, was worth more than just a commission. If we ever make it back up that way, we will be sure to come to you to find us our next home!

Shannon and Justin Price

Justin & Shannon 4 Evans Road Peabody.

Hi Bill,
I just wanted to thank you again for helping me find my very own first home.  You were extremely helpful with the entire process, by going over and beyond what your job requires.  People say how hard the whole buying a home process really is, but you made it smooth sailing for me.  Not to mention you did it all in about a 3 week time span....Your amazing!

                                                                       Thanks again,
                                                                       Kiki Fotiadis

Kiki Fotiadis 53 Will Drive Canton
Dear Bill, I want to Thank You and Brenda Cahoon for being the best realtors anyone could have asked for. Being a first time home buyer is scary, but you truly made it a wonderful experience. You were always just a phone call away day or night. Right there to answer any questions. I really felt you cared about me and my son and not just trying to make a sale. You go the extra mile and that means a lot. Your not only great at your job but just a great guy as well. Oh and you make me laugh. You work with amazing people I refer to you guys as the "Dream Team" you Brenda Cahoon, Brian Mahoney @ Met Life home loans, real estate attorneys Sally Calhoun and Jim Burke. I was so lucky to have you guys in my corner. I will recommend you to everyone! See you at the house warming party! Sincerely, Laura Sprinsky and Family
Laura Sprinsky 13 Bayberry Lane
Dear Bill,
Just a little note to thank you for your assistance in selling my property at 26 Dolphin Avenue.  As I told you, this property became more of a headache for me and I was never cutout to be a landlord.  Your friendly personality & attitude, astute salesmanship and continued persistence to address detail to get things done made the process and transaction, itself,  as smooth as I could have hoped.   Thanks again for all your help and here's wishing for you and your family the very best.
Paula Arrigo
4 Putnam Road
Revere, MA.  02151
Paula Arrigo 26 Dolphin Avenue
Dear Bill,
I am crazy busy with trying to get ready to move, however...I could not let the chance to thank you & Brenda Cahoon go by. The two of you made a perfect fit for Felix and myself. Given the challenges of our property I was more than pleased when you came up with the perfect family for our home, and in only two weeks. Our favorite things were:
Your Punctuality
Your timely return of phone calls
Your prompt return of feedback
your friendly, frank demeanor
Finally your professionalism are all traits you have mastered.
Patricia & Felix Boris
Felix & Patricia Borris ( Burlington )

Hi Bill – Just wanted to thank you for helping us get our last project off the ground.  We are very thankful for all your hard work.  It’s nice to have someone who actually picks up their phone, or if not, returns calls in the same day!  For that reason alone we will always call you first!  You always go the extra mile whether it’s driving to Burlington to fax an offer on a Sunday, or running around doing the leg work that gets things accomplished.  It’s the little "extras” that matter and you always have time for them.   I’m glad we "bumped into you”.  We’re looking forward to more ventures with you!

Jeri & Dan Terenzoni ( Peabody )
Hi Bill,
We just wanted to say thank you so much for everything!  We had some hiccups with the banks, but you were always on top of everything and kept us informed of any changes. We appreciate the hard work and the time you took to answer our questions (and many phone calls). Working with you was a great experience. I will recommend you to all my friends and family.
~Best Wishes~
Heather Richards & Dave Ouellette Jr. (Lowell, MA) 80 10th st
Heather Richards & Dave Ouellette
Hi, Bill, A very overdue thank you. I needed someone to help motivate and direct me in selling my mother's house in Salem, MA (100 miles from where I live). You guided me with what needed to be update to bring the most "bang for the buck". Surprisingly, you have an endless list of contacts to choose from (painting, carpeting, pool repairs, etc). Two or three contracts would meet with me (all on the same day, close in time - very convienent). Give me estimates. Then I would select who would do the job. Bill, you were always there to let them in - saving me hours in commuting. And you were there to check the work. You were like a contractor as well as a real estate agent. Everything you said was right on target. The proof was the house was under contract within 6 days of being listed. There were a few "glitches" to iron out along the way. Nothing big, just life. Once again you were there to navigate me through. You were realistic, fair and honest. Your communication was always prompt. The house sold in roughly 2 months for a little less than the asking price. In this economy that was amazing. You even coordinated the closing around my crazy work schedule. You are anice guy with a great sense of humor. Thank You for all that you did. Marlena
Marlena Dipre (Salem)
Being a first-time home buyer, I had no idea what to expect from a realtor. I envisioned the home buying experience to be stressful and complicated. Bill walked me through the whole process, step by step. He answered my questions and concerns with expertise. It's obvious Bill cares about his clients and the investment they are about to make. He even went so far as paying for home inspection issues out of his own pocket. I would recommend Bill to a friend or family member without hesitation.  
                                                                                                                                            Ryan Cain
Ryan Cain ( Saugus )

Dear Bill, We cannot express how thankful we are to have had such a great experience with you.  Before we chose to work with you, we were working with another realtor who didn’t meet our needs and expectations.  You made it so easy to understand the process to sell our home and were always there to guide us in the right direction.  You were extremely sufficient with all our appointments and your professionalism and commitment to us as your client far surpassed our first realtor. That’s what makes you so great at what you do!!  Not only did we find a great realtor in you, but also a great friend!!  It will be our pleasure to recommend you to our family and friends.  Thank you Bill!  

                                                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. LoGrasso

Mr. & Mrs. LoGrasso Saugus
I am writing to express my appreciation for the service I received from one of your associates.  When my company opened a branch office in Massachusetts we needed to lease office/warehouse space for our vending equipment and a house for some of our employees who would be traveling between South Carolina and Massachusetts.  Fortunately, I saw a sign for Exit while scouting the area for a location to establish a base of operations.  Bill Rosanio was in the office and immediately went to work to find us what we needed.  He was familiar with the area, knowledgeable about market conditions, and soon found us a suitable rental house.  Within two weeks he found us the perfect warehouse/office space near the house, negotiated a good deal and we moved right in.  Bill was also very helpful with getting us set up with cable, internet, gas and all those details required for the office and the house.  Thanks again Bill for all your help. 
Tom Abbott
Chief of Operations
Kings Prepaid Phonecards LLC. 
Tom Abbott
Bill is a real estate agent like no other. We were not the easiest of clients and Bill always found a way to work with us and never showed any fustration or lack of patience. He went over and above his responsibilities as a realtor. There are many realtors that could take a lesson or two from him. Whether buying or selling, Bill is the realtor for you.

Thanks Judy
Judy Goodyear (Woburn)
"From the first phone call to our closing, Bill was on top of everything.   He has the best response time in the industry !!!   He will be there for you even after you've moved in.
Whether you are buying or selling - Bill is your man!! "

Nancy and Jim Fallon
Nancy & Jim Fallon (West Peabody)
Thank you for your personable demeanor and excellent service.  You found tennants for me and completed all the necessary transactions in an extremely timely manner.
Great Job!!!!!!!!!
Thanks again,
Paula Arrigo (Revere)

We’d like to thank Bill Rosanio for all of his time and hard work in helping us find a home we love and can afford. As first time home buyers, we needed experienced representation. Bill patiently and thoughtfully answered all of our questions and addressed our concerns. When we viewed a property Bill was always early and always had fantastic suggestions on how to remodel, renovate and decorate the houses he showed us. Bill is a great real estate agent and an even better person. He treated us honestly and fairly. We highly recommend Bill Rosanio’s services in finding your next dream home.  -Richard & Dana

Richard and Dana Marie
Dear Bill, We cannot express how thankful we are to have had such a great experience with you. Before we chose to work with you, we were working with another realtor who really didn’t meet our needs and expectations. Finding you was the best thing that happened to us within this whole process!! As this was our first time purchasing a home, you took the time to educate us so that we could understand what was happening every step of the way. You made it so easy to understand and were always there to guide us in the right direction. You were extremely sufficient with all our appointments and your professionalism and commitment to us as your clients surpassed our first realtor. You were even there to answer questions that didn’t pertain to you, but still made the effort to try to answer in anyway you could. That’s what makes you so great at what you do!! Not only did we find a great realtor in you, but also a great friend!! It will be our pleasure to recommend you to our family and friends. We cannot wait to make memories in our new home in Middleton, MA. Thank you Bill, from your friends Francesca LoGrasso and Joe Santostefano - Middleton, MA.
Francesca & Joe - Middleton
"From the moment we put our home up for sale with Bill as our realtor, up until the time of the final signature at the closing, the process became stress-free. He literally takes it from there, with one goal in successfully sell your home. Bill handled our listing in a very personable manner, embracing the process with great enthusiasm and resourcefullness, never to be detered. Bill not only worked with the highest degree of honesty and integrity but demonstrated impressive knowledge of the market and strong work ethic. When you add his well rounded experience, his great attitude, and his sense of humor, in my opinion, Bill is the realtor of choice. Always early and never rushed, his objective is to make this process exciting and painless. He delivers what he promises and beyond. Having had dealings with many realtors in various states, I can honestly say that Bill is the most impressive, dependable realtor I have ever worked with. With Bill in your camp, I can assure yo u that he will leave no stone unturned to sell your home or find your new home! Rosie D. West Peabody
Rosie - West Peabody
I signed with Bill Rosanio on July 7th. Bill took pictures of my property July 8th. My property was featured on and MLS by July 9th. I had a signed Purchase and Sale Agreement on the August 15th. I closed on August 28th. Closing in seven weeks would seem to be enough to recommend Bill as an excellent broker. But there is much more. The pictures Bill took were very flattering and showed off the best features of the property. The listings that Bill put up on the Internet were complete and accurate. During that seven weeks between signing and selling, Bill kept me informed about the results of each showing; he made recommendations for helpful inexpensive cosmetic changes; he had every person with an appointment to see my property pre-approved; he followed up on all potential buyers; he made sure that I had everything that I needed for the closing; and he was early for every appointment that he made with me. If you are a first time buyer or seller, Bill will keep you calm through the entire stressful process. I have dealt with many brokers but I have really never run into one as hardworking, honest and professional as Bill. I have already recommended Bill to several people. I am also having Bill handle another sale for me in Salem.
Janet Doucette (Salem, MA)
Dear Bill, We cannot express enough the wonderful experience we had with you as our realtor. Finding EXIT Reliance Reality and you was truly a blessing. You went above and beyond all our expectations from the first letter we received from you introducing yourself through the final signature at the closing for the sale of our property. Your professionalism and committment to us as your client far surpassed our first realtor. Your thoroughness in meeting our needs, putting our fears to rest and helping us to present our property the best way to potential buyers was truly the best thing you could have done for us since we did not possess the realty knowledge that you have. You took the time to educate us so that we understood what was happening every step of the way. I cannot say enough about your honesty and integrity. You simply do what you say you will do and if you couldn´t, you communicated with us so that we knew what the next steps were. Even while you were on vacation you made sure to call us and check in. A true perfectionist! You will be the first person we call to sell any of our future properties because we can rely on you to do what it takes to help us EXIT one door so we can open the next! Thank-you for everything, Mr.& Mrs. P. Ring
Laura and Pat Ring (Revere)
Bill Rosanio of EXIT Realty was an outstanding Realtor for my recent home sale. My home had been on the market for over a year with two other realtors, yet only Bill was able to identify and implement the proper channels to sell it within 3 months. He is good at closing a deal - an essential attribute of any salesperson. He is exceptionally professional, always dressed to the nines and extremely attentive to the needs of "the stressed seller." The listing sheet he created on my home was detailed, attractive and colorful - a powerful tool. He attracted potential buyers and realtors with innovative ideas and continued to give 100% throughout the sales process. I highly recommend Bill Rosanio as a Realtor who will market and sell your home in the shortest period of time possible. In this day and age, many marketers will take your listing and forget about you, but not Bill. His energy to sell is only matched by his desire to please the customer. If you want a sure winner, choose Bill Rosanio as your next Realtor, I will! Sincerely, Debbie Hartman McCulley
Debbie Hartman McCulley (Reading)
Bill, Just a quick note to say "Thanks!" In my business I talk and work with real estate agents everyday. I was sure that you were the person with whom I wanted to list my house in late 2004. Your hard work is the ONLY reason my home sold in time for me to have the ability to buy my dream home. Your mix of using technology for ease, a personal touch to keep Cheryl and I from going nuts, and sound business instincts to broker a fair deal on both ends made what could have been a stressful time more of a time of excitement... exactly what buying a home should be! Around the holidays can sometimes be considered a difficult time to sell real estate. long as you choose the right agent! I will recommend you and your service to my closest friends and family. I am so happy in my new home with my young family; words can´t describe it! I´ve been in the new home for about a year now and could not be happier. You don´t have a satisfied customer, you have a loyal customer and a raving fan! Best, Brian Mahoney (Salisbury)
Brian Mahoney (Salisbury, MA)
Dear Bill, When my husband and I were ready to buy our first home we were very nervous about finding something affordable and most importantly finding an agent who was honest and would look out for our best interest; not just himself. As my husband and I got to know you, we knew that we had made the right decision to go with you and Exit Reliance Realty. We are so incredibly thankful for everything you did for us. You were very helpful, extremely sufficient, answered all our questions day or night; and never tried to sell us a home out of our price range. Bill, keep up the great work because there are plenty of people out there looking to buy or sell their homes heading your way. You are a great guy and a fantastic Real Estate Agent. Thank you Bill, From the bottom of our hearts. The Cordeiro Family - Salem, MA
The Cordeiro Family - (Salem, MA)
Dear Bill: I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your efforts in helping me sell my condo. When I met you back in October, I immediately knew you were the right realtor for me. You were very honest and upfront and I knew you would do your best to help me get the price I wanted. You gave your professional opinion, then let me make my own informed decisions along the way. I found you to be very knowledgeable, professional, punctual, efficient and patient. The regular phone calls to let me know of any changes, problems, concerns or updates were always helpful which decrease my own stress-level, just knowing you had things uner control. I found the whole "selling process" to be painless and virtually stress-free -- thanks to you! You have a huge passion for what you do and a true compassion for the clients you are helping. I will not hesitate to refer anyone to you and I wil be calling you when I decide to purchase my next property. Thanks again! Take care! Deborah
Deborah A Girard - Capozzi (Salem, MA)
Dear Mr. Rosanio: I am writing to you to express my thanks to all that you have done for us. Our experience with you and Exit Reliance Realty was a joyful one. My husband and I have worked with a few Real Estate Agents in the past but never someone as dedicated and thorough as you were. You went the extra mile to make sure my family and myself were happy about our decision. I can´t thank you enough for the support you gave us. You were there for us from beginning to end. (Especially me, who needed the hand holding.) You made the process much less stressful than I ever imagined. I may even do it again someday!! I will make sure that I hire you and your Company. I will also be sure to pass the word on to others. It deserves to be noted that you and your Company care enough and really take pride in what you do. Also, I love my new home. I love my neighborhood. I offer my honest thanks and wish you all the best! Sincerely, Rosemary & Joe Minafo
Rosemary & Joe Minafo (W.Peabody, MA)